At this first stage of our Australian Healing Codes website, these Services offered will grow and expand as other Coaches join our ranks.  :-)


Each Coach will express these Services in their own unique way with clients and possibly ask different investments from clients, for their time.


  • Guidence with starting The Helaing Codes (THC) and how to do them.

  • A new way to View and "Read" your life & what is coming up in you. This progresses to a deeper overall connection & unique Relationship with yourself, & the Heart of who you Really are.

  • How to apply THC to whatever is arriving in your Life experience, moment by moment.

  • Having a Healing Response? Be Energy Tested to confirm this, or not, and guidence on how to proceed.

  • Feeling Stuck? Get a Custom Code created for you by your Coach.

  • In a Crisis? Get a Coach Guided Code WITH the Coach and virtually instant relief and shift.

  • Get any questions answered.

  - ANY subject in your Life, Health, Relationships & Intimacy and Business life, all designed to your needs.

  • General Love & Encouragement, Support and Caring Guidence.

       My entire Energy "Tool Box" is on offer to you, on top of the Foundation of THC. All are of the Highest Vibration & offer Instant improvements plus the ability to raise your own vibration with consistant use.


  - Ho'oponopono - native Hawai'ian powerful simple system.

  - Matrix Energetics - consciousness concepts that open us to more Freedom & effortless shift, while being more fun and unconventional.

  - Intimacy in Relationship & deep couple connection practices. Just a shift in how you do your daily relating, that gives Quantum Quality to Loving & being Loved.

  - EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique...the tapping on Energy meridians.
  - Power Source Connection...that ability to be 'One'...we have it, its there waiting, if we allow it to ourselves...


  • SYDNEY - In Person sessions with me in arranged venues to suit. Please book direct with me.

       Also - "<3 HEART Talks" & "Q & A" Gatherings, are offered, in small groups in private homes or in any size groups in venues you may suggest.

       Open to your needs!!!




Regular Events are my Absolute Intention here in Australia.

We Australian Coaches, and this website are connected to, yet financially Independant from the Healing Codes US company, so small contributions per person to each of the webinars will be requied to make them possible.


  • Gather the Australian region Healing Coders together.

  • you, your needs, your questions, your Requirements.

  • Create Events from this Healing Circles in regular (monthly) webinar/teleconference call delivery.

  • Willing to hear grievances too - we can Do something about it if we Know about it.

  • Did you Know about?

   - US services at US times...
   - "Open Forum" Calls - 2 each Thurs.

   - "Cutting Edge" calls - Wed each week.

   - Facebook THC pages - DO YOU want a Facebook page for Australia?

  • What ELSE can we do for you Healing Coders in Australia???  :-)

      Tell us on the webinar or CONTACT ME directly.


Gatherings I have done so far have been in private homes, small, without website publicity possible.
NOW we can do this broad and big as you need it, alright!


  • SYDNEY, HUNTER VALLEY or NEWCASTLE are closest for me to do 'in person' gatherings, as I'm approximately 2hours north of Sydney & 1hr from Newcastle.


Content can be dependant on YOUR needs, so do let me know!

Request for Venue choices nearest you, and anyone skilled in Audio/Video willing to assist also, would be just great, so we may gather

an Archived Library for you all here in this website.


To do a Whistle-Stop tour in Capital cities around Australia.

We have good numbers of Healing Coders in...

PERTH, ADELAIDE, MELBOURNE, BRISBANE, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

- what about Darwin, NT? - I'll come on the Mail Plane.  :-)

- TASSIE...? What say You?


Energy Talks

"<3 HEART Talks"...with me, Susan Glynn.


This is a service I have been offering and doing for some time through only word of mouth.

My years doing Energy, on me, and with clients, family & friends, then adding The Healing Codes since mid 2005, have given me a Perspective to Share, that is pretty much a Niche all of my own, with Guidence that has arrived as well.

I feel I have Lived, and created my life as an EXPERIMENTAL LABORITORY and its a delight to share all.


Gatheing groups of people who are keenly Questioning many areas of their lives and awakening to ENERGY. People willing to explore all possibilities & use these 'Energies' in mending, healing, improving all aspects of our lives and the HOW TO of that.

So these gatherings are usually less specific to THC, and yet, have included their mention, experience of, & explanations.
I like to adapt to anything each specific group requires at that time.


THE GOOD NEWS IS IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENTS TO LIFE ARE RIGHT HERE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. All the struggle is now Old News IF you can allow it to be for you.

DELIVERY of all these can now be done ANY way.

- Webinar/Teleconference.

- IN PERSON - naturally the group will need to be large enough to financially support travel and stay, at each location.

- SKYPE in to Groups, (or any other similar kind of technology available.)



COACHING - one on one, by phone, skype or in person...

$60 per 30 mins.
$120 per Hour.


Usually charged according to the time your issue/s need on the day, with payments into either Paypal or my bank account. I give my banking details individually, at the time.


$25 per Custom Code only session, when a client is practiced with their Healing Codes. Time usually 10-15 mins.



Pack ONE = 4 prepaid 1hr sessions...$420 (saving $60)

Pack TWO = 6 prepaid 1hr sessions...$600 (saving $120)

Pack THREE = 8 prepaid 1hr sessions...$720 (saving $240)


Refunds are possible. Full price is then charged for already completed sessions and the balance is then refunded.


Please contact me directly to arrange and pay for your preferred Coaching Pack.

(This website will expand to an online payment option shortly.)