The 4 Healing Centres found in 2001 by Dr Alex Loyd are new human knowledge. We activate those healing centres with our hands...our fingertips.


Doing this ONLY produces Positive effects in us...NO negative side effects.!!!


Activating just one or any combination of these 4 Healing Centres creates an Exceptionally powerful, unique & massively positive Energy Vibration that collapses our stress., & all the great in-sight-ful minds through history, and even our gut knowing, tells us, we are made of this vibrating Energy. That we Are a wave pattern, a resonance. This means we Can make instant change in ourselves.


   The only thing that Stops us, is that we Believe in some way that we can't. Beliefs & Dis-Beliefs get in our way of having what looks like it has been there ALL ALONG, just Waiting for us to plug in and use it.!!!


The Healing Codes creates a vibration in us that resonates only to the vibration of LOVE. So...ALL negative vibrations are therefore collapsed by doing The Healing Codes, one by one, layer by layer.


Love heals all and is the most helpful, comfortable, Peaceful inner state, in which we humans can live.


This is what our combined human knowledge so far, is telling us.


Who would like more of that?...and some Joy?...and physical improvements as well?


At this time, The Healing Codes shows itself to be the fastest, easiest and most relaxing way to help ourselves every day, to move into Premium Health in every aspect of our lives.


Those people using The Healing Codes the longest are ‘rolling back the clock’, stepping out of medical statistics and predictions & making those statistics Redundant.


This Healing Codes Program has done so much Good for the ‘regular Coders’ since 2001 that I predict we will soon be in a layer of Great Health that will be Singular to this group alone, re-writing what is humanly possible to heal, and collapsing most of the age declining expectations of life, that we have set up for ourselves.


Think on it!...that is a big statement...yet many of us are experiencing just that.


Read ALL on this website then Google it...prove to yourself that this is the Most Effective and Efficient way to Human Enlightenment and Healing, as we know it, at this moment in our History!!!


Would you be prepared to take a little time per day, knowing you were easily clearing out whatever is interfering with, clogging or stopping you in any way?...doing your Inner Housekeeping, de-Cluttering and Spring cleaning all at ONCE, like you service your car or de-frag the computer...going through and healing your Huge sub-conscious memory data base.


CONSISTANTLY dedicating some Healing Coding time for yourself each day, you will ongoingly achieve…oh so much more than words can describe...and how much more you can enjoy your life from now on, will show up too!!!


Another thing...are you here at this website searching on behalf of someone else?...someone you love and would Love to help?


The wonderful thing about that is...if we Are the Vibration that we are being taught that we are...then, if you do The Healing Codes on YOU - yes, you can then ‘send’ the Energy of a Code to the person you are concerned for, at that very moment - then that New, more healed resonance that You are, will ripple out and help not Only this person you’re here for now, but ALL of those people, situations and things, in your circles of influence in life...out to the Whole world...out to Infinity.


Ripple, Ripple, Ripple.!!!


Like that???...mmm, me too.!!!  


Healing Codes Coaches are here with me to help you, love and encourage you, to achieve whatever the ‘Better’ is, for you, in your life.


Lets face it...that is what I am doing for me too, in my own life, and I certainly Commit to seeing to it that Anything I know, or any tool I have, is yours as you do your Coding with me.​  :-)

© 2013 by The Healing Codes Australia

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