Here are your links to ALL Healing Codes products, Music by Elio and the two guidence Questionnaires for issues of the Heart, and Success.

The Healing Codes are my daily Inner Housekeeping, de-Cluttering & Spring cleaning in one mechanism, accessing the Source of all my disturbances, whether I know of them or not.

Also click above on this link for ALL the Healing Codes products.

The FAQ page gives you detailed explanations of all the products on offer.

Heart Issues Finder will take 10 mins to fill out a detailed assessment and get your coloured graph and 10 page in depth description of all areas of your underlying life issues that cause you disruption. This will help show you specific Healing Codes to do.


Click on this Success Issues Finder link and take about 10 mins to complete the assessment. You receive some 10 - 12 pages of in-depth evaluation and a coloured graph showing your stronger and weaker areas of Success in your life. This will guide you in your selection of Success Codes to give extra focus to.

Elio's music is perfect to do your Coding sessions to. There is a track for each of the 12 basic Healing Codes. This talented Australian guy has created etherial inspired music that also has embedded expanding technologies. Allow yourself to 'float' through your Codes...

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